Dominated Languages in the 21st Century

Social Programme

Excursion Programme

Our excursion programme includes a visit at the Artikel-VII-Kulturverein – Pavelhaus/Pavlova hiša as well as a tour through the picturesque landscape of the wine route in Southern Styria and neighbouring Slovenia.

The association Artikel-VII-Kulturverein – Pavlova hiša represents the Slovene minority group in Styria and acts as a centre that promotes relations between Austria and Slovenia. The centre hosts cultural events, organizes language classes and is involved in reserach projects concerned with language documentation and the documentation of oral history of the area. We will get a tour through the exhibition and will get information about the Slovene minority of Styria.

social programme

The Pavelhaus/Pavlova hiša is located in Southern Styria on the border to Slovenia.
Pavel Haus – Pavlova hiša, Laafeld Potrna 30, Radkersburg-Umgebung

Afterwards we will continue our excursion in the Südsteirische Weinstraße (Wine route in Southern Styria). Famous for its picturesque landscape ("Styrian Tuscany"), its culinary delights and exquisite wines it also allows magnificent views across the border to Slovenia. We will visit one of the typical wine taverns ("Buschenschank") and will have an opportunity to enjoy the delicious local food and wine.

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